VAULTSERVICES - Platform for Online Backup, Storage and access

Platform for Online Backup, Storage and Access


Automated and continuous Data Protection


Easy access and distribution from anywhere


Archiving older versions, enterprise- class security


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Platform for online Backup, Storage and Access

Platform Overview

Vault Services technology provides better protection, performance, and access than any other cloud backup solution.

Complete Data Protection:

  • Single account controls multiple devices or users
  • Fastest transfer provides the best user experience
  • More that just a mirror –archiving, retention, and compliance

All About Access:

  • Allows users to extract more value out of their backup –all files are available, searchable, and sortable.
  • Connect to your data when you are on the road and to shared data from different locations.

Industry Leading Technology:

  • Infinite scalability ensures against growing pains or performance issues
  • Virtualized back-end allows us to identify and immediately integrate the latest/greatest, passing value directly to end users.

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